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Lawful sale of Cannabis light in Italy: Is it going up in smoke?

16 July 2019


Italy’s cannabis market has been booming since December 2016, when Law 242 regulating hemp cultivation and production entered into force ("Law 242"). While Law 242 governs the cultivation of the hemp plants it does not address other implications...

Renewable Incentives Guide: Towards a Subsidy-Free World? 6th Edition

28 November 2018


The renewable energy sector continues to show strong growth.   Renewable incentives still have a significant role in that growth, although we are increasingly seeing the incentives being reduced and even removed as the costs of generation from renewable...

Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemical Industry

15 June 2017


Companies are exposed to an increasingly complex range of risks, as well as subject to local, regional and international regulations. A full understanding of an organisation’s current and future risk profile is essential. It is only when decision makers understand...

New M&A opportunities in the Italian market of retail pharmacies

24 November 2015


Ownership of retail pharmacies in Italy has traditionally been subject to restrictions; however, an evolving trend towards liberalization, to align the Italian market to that of other EU countries, is now changing the face of the market. The new legislation towards...

Capacity payment in Italy and the German case

24 April 2015


Capacity payment mechanisms seem to be necessary in countries that input a good portion of renewable electricity in the market, such as Italy. Italy is heading towards the full implementation of a capacity payment model.

EU Anti-dumping Duties imposed against Chinese Solar Panels' Producers

11 June 2013


On 4 June 2013, the European Commission decided to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on imports of solar panels, cells and wafers originating in China. Duties have been set at 11.8% until 6 August 2013. From August on, the duty will be set at the level...