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1 August 2019


"一带一路" 倡议项目涉及投资人、融资方、咨询顾问、承包商、政府或国有企业等等众多参与方之间的复杂合同安排。很多项目存在政治和技术两个层面的挑战性。 投资人更有可能面临政治环境不稳定、项目延迟、费用超支等风险,以及在极端情况下还面临项目被放弃的风险。跨境基础设施项目涉及法律及监管体系纷繁复杂,发生争议的风险切实存在。

BCBS/IOSCO announce Phase 5 Initial Margin split

31 July 2019


Global standard setters BCBS and IOSCO have announced that the fifth implementation phase for initial margin (IM) rules for uncleared OTC derivatives will now be split into two phases, with smaller buy-side firms granted an extra year to implement these requirements. Under...

English Law and International Arbitration for China's Belt and Road

19 June 2019


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects involve complex contractual arrangements with numerous parties including investors, financiers, consultants and advisers, construction contractors and government or state-owned enterprises. Many projects are both politically...