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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Katrin Schallenberg and Amélie Lavenir contribute the French chapter in Getting the Deal Through: Competition Compliance 2018

9 August 2018

Topics covered include standards and guidance for compliance programmes; how to demonstrate commitment to competition compliance; risk identification, assessment, mitigation and review; managing risk when dealing with competitors; leniency programmes; market dominance; competition compliance in mergers and acquisitions; investigations; implementing or amending a compliance programme in settlement negotiations; corporate monitorships; and infringement notification duties.

Katrin Schallenberg, Partner, and Amélie Lavenir, Avocat, are in the Paris antitrust office at Clifford Chance.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Competition Compliance 2018 (Published: July 2018). For further information please visit

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French chapter of Getting the Deal Through Competition Compliane 2018

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