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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Defining tomorrow's legal function<br />through its relationships

Defining tomorrow's legal function
through its relationships

Active Legal: 2025

What does tomorrow’s legal function look like?

To face the complexities of the next decade, in-house legal functions are considering how they relate to the business and deal with digital transformation. To gain a better understanding of what the in-house legal function of our clients could look like in the future, Clifford Chance facilitated a discussion around this topic with some of the world's leading businesses.

We worked with RSGI who spoke to a number of leading in-house counsel and their teams to gather views on the changing nature of their roles, the relationships that shape their work and the challenges they face.

Eight key relationships that will shape the legal team of the future were identified. The goal for in-house legal functions is to identify how these relationships can interconnect and become intentional, rather incidental. This is captured in a new framework; the relationship model.

This is a report for in-house legal, by in-house legal. We hope the insights galvanise further discussion and invite you to the conversation.


The relationship model



RSGI Limited is a global legal think-tank, specialising in research into how the legal industry can grow sustainably, and stay relevant and innovative. With a track record of many of the leading thought-leadership studies in the sector, including being the founder and content partner to the FT Innovative Lawyers Programme, RSGI is committed to driving positive change in the industry.

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