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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Ethnic diversity

Inclusion & diversity

We are committed to increasing the ethnic diversity of our firm so that we can continue bring a strongly international outlook to advising global businesses.

In London, we have a long term partnership with diversity recruitment group Rare, which was founded in 2005 to support minority candidates in securing graduate positions in top City firms and help companies recruit diverse talent. Since 2011, we have made 169 training contract offers through Rare, and were the first to adopt Rare's Contextual Recruitment System (CRS), identifying stand out candidates by not only looking at grades, but how those grades compare to a candidate's schooling and background.

We are focused on building deeper, broader roots in the communities in which we operate. This enables us to gain a better understanding of the local market, deepen relationships with our clients, and help set the agenda for key issues. A good example of this can be seen in our Singapore office where we have worked hard to integrate into the local community, almost doubling the number of locally qualified lawyers over the past three years. We run an active internship programme for Singaporean students and, together with our Formal Law Alliance partner, Cavanagh Law LLP, we are now able to offer a two-year training programme for Singaporean graduates.

Our diversity networks

In the US, our Black and Latino Subcommittee and Asian and Pacific Islanders Subcommittee have both been established for over a decade. Our London BAME network was launched in 2016 and joins these other networks in providing support, networking opportunities, social events and a place to discuss and receive support in relation to specific challenges facing BAME employees, and provides a platform to raise awareness about these issues with colleagues more generally.

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