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Event highlights from International Women's Day 2020

To coincide with International Women's Day 2020, Clifford Chance offices across the world joined together to pledge our support for the #EachforEqual campaign, which reminded us that each of us are the most effective ambassador for change in our own space, and aimed to celebrate women, role models and campaign for gender equality. 

From client breakfasts, panel events to book launches, here is how we celebrated International Women's Day 2020.


Lunch events

The New York and Washington, DC offices held lunch events in both offices celebrating International Women's Day with our long-standing pro bono partner Tina's Wish. Along with Tina's Wish we invited Dr. Melissa Frey of Weill Cornell Medical Center to speak to us about current research and initiatives relating to the detection, prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer. 

Advice to My Younger Self

Our hallmark publication, Advice To My Younger Self: Reflections of Successful Women Lawyers (ATMYS), was relaunched for International Women's Day 2020 and Gender Equality Month. ATMYS presents profiles of CC women lawyers and alumnae from around the global network: their professional journeys and diverse pathways into the law, as well as practical advice for aspiring women in the law and for anyone looking to succeed in a challenging field. The latest edition, which was produced in collaboration with The Legal 500, features three new profiles.

Read the book

Week of Gratitude

In the Washington, DC office we encouraged everyone to participate in the Week of Gratitude. The initiative focused on writing a thank you note and wishing a Happy International Women's Day to a colleague in the office. Placed around the office space were drop boxes and blank thank you cards for people to fill out. These were then delivered to peoples desks anonymously. Over the course of the week, close to 500 cards were written and distributed.

Asia Pacific


With the objective of encouraging better menstrual hygiene practices across India, our Delhi office sponsored the installation of a vending machine for sanitary napkins at a Literacy India school. We have also sponsored the maintenance and refilling of the vending machine which is now accessible to over 300 people.

Hong Kong

Members of the Hong Kong office wore purple on 6 March to celebrate International Women's Day.


The Perth office sponsored an event that formed the 100th episode of The Juggle podcast. They held a panel on the theme of "Designing the decade you desire", focusing on goal setting and long-term planning.


Our Singapore office dressed in purple to celebrate International Women's Day and created a book library featuring the Clifford Chance First 100 Years booklet.


Senior associate Heidi Gan presented a TED Talk to the Sydney office talking about her experience as an Olympic athlete.

Watch the video


Our Tokyo office wore the purple Accelerate>>> branded t-shirts in the office as part of their IWD celebrations.



All women in the Amsterdam office were given the opportunity to attend the dance performance Pear by ScapinoBallet at the Stadsschouwburg.

The team also wore purple on 6 March to celebrate International Women's Day.


The Brussels office held a drinks reception to celebrate International Women's Day with cocktail artist Noa Van Ongevalle.


The Germany offices held a networking workshop with Global Digital Women, a network of female digital pioneers. Their goal is to make the world more digital and more diverse.


The London Accelerate>>> Committee hosted a lunchtime panel event which was live-streamed to our Newcastle office. The event focused on the relaunch of the Advice to My Younger Self booklet. The event provided a great dialogue between senior female role models and more junior members of the firm.


The Luxembourg office hosted Luxembourg Ladies in Law Association IWD breakfast with a panel discussion on alternative career paths for lawyers.


The Moscow office held a client event - "Talent with No Gender" - with cybersecurity solutions provider Group IB.

The team also featured a library of inspirational books including the First 100 Years brochure.


Our Newcastle office organised a livestream of the London panel discussion, complete with IWD merchandise and balloons. For the whole of March they also had the #EachForEqual role model shout outs on the screens in reception.


Our offices in Spain wore the purple International Women's Day t-shirts with pride on 6 March.


Our Warsaw office launched their Accelerate>>> network as part of the #EachForEqual campaign and also created a video series featuring Managing Partner, Agnieszka Janicka.

Middle East

Evening reception

At the end of February, we hosted an evening reception to celebrate and support International Women's Day and the #EachForEqual campaign in our Dubai office. We encouraged guest to sign/make pledges to change one thing about their life which will improve gender equality to those around them.

I pledge to...

We encouraged guest to sign/make pledges to change one thing about their life which will improve gender equality to those around them. Over the course of the evening guests shared many ideas to promote gender equality, highlighting how we as individuals can make a difference.

Help us promote gender equality

Partner Qudeer Latif delivered a speech to thank everyone for attending and for making their individual pledges to promote gender equality.

Thank you to our gender parity changemakers at Clifford Chance

Watch personal role model shout outs from Matthew Layton, Lizzie Goodburn, Sharis Pozen, Stephanie Ofili, Laura Yeates, Melissa Fogarty, Joanna Charter, Nadia Kalic and Matthew Newick, from the comfort of their own homes.