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  • Risk

Companies are exposed to an increasingly complex range of risks and local, regional and international regulations. In addition, investors and the public are demanding that boards be accountable for the conduct of their business. Our expertise means that we can help our clients find a balance between future growth and risk.

International Mediation Guide

The new Second Edition of Clifford Chance's International Mediation Guide presents the broadest and most comprehensive study to date of the current "state of play" in relation to mediation worldwide. Litigation cultures around the world differ vastly; however the driving factors inspiring greater recourse to mediation are universal. This guide examines trends and differences in approach across 47 jurisdictions. Read more.

Reflections 2016

In this publication, Clifford Chance international arbitration practitioners from across our global network – in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas – reflect on recent trends and developments in international arbitration. We expect these to shape international arbitration through 2016 and 2017. Read more

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Review 2016

Prosecutions for bribery and corruption continue to attract media headlines around the world and, in response, international companies continue to review what they have to do to address the risks to their business, and to their reputation. Fundamental to this is staying on top of relevant legislative developments and enforcement trends in the countries in which they operate. Some national authorities have even highlighted this information gathering as a regulatory requirement for directors and senior corporate officers. This review looks at recent developments in some of the jurisdictions around the world where we have offices, focusing particularly on changes to legislation, both recent and proposed, and on prosecutions and enforcement trends. Read more

Corporate Criminal Liability report 2016

This report considers the corporate criminal liability landscape in 22 key jurisdictions. The brochure includes a "heat map" of highlights, which draws together some of the high level trends. We have ranked the various jurisdictions on the basis of whether or not corporate criminal liability exists and the enforcement enthusiasm of the authorities. Read more.