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  • Growth Economies

China, Brazil, India and the new challengers in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia are reshaping the global economy.

With 35 offices in 25 countries and some 3,400 legal advisors across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Clifford Chance is helping clients to identify challenges and opportunities and the issues and trends that will have a significant impact on their businesses.

China's one belt, one road: challenges and opportunities

China's one belt one road (OBOR) initiative unveiled by President Xi Jinping in 2013 aims to restore the country's old land and sea trade routes and to boost economic connectivity between Asia, Europe and Africa. It covers 65 countries and six economic corridors accounting for two thirds of the world's population and one third of the world's GDP. Here Clifford Chance experts look at the opportunities it offers and some of the challenges for investors. Read more here.

The role of law in economic development in BRIC countries

Clifford Chance is supporting a research project led by the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge University which examines the role of legal institutions in economic development in Brazil, Russia, India and China. We have produced a number of reports looking at different aspects of the project.

Our China: market liberalisation Topic Guide on the Financial Markets Toolkit provides in-depth commentary on the latest trends and development in this area and allows easy access to briefing notes and other resources that will enable you to track the evolution and opening up of Chinese markets.

Boosting power generation in Nigeria - the Azura-Edo independent power project

This is Nigeria's first fully privately financed IPP - the first of a new wave of project-financed greenfield IPPs currently being developed in the country. Read more here

Briefings on growth economies

Here is our latest thinking on growth economies