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Global trade is undergoing fundamental change. The UK's decision to leave the EU, President Trump's intention to "put America first," and Asia's determination to play a greater role in globalisation will have a dramatic impact for years to come. Trade agreements are notoriously slow and complex for governments to negotiate, and during this period of uncertainty, our trade experts can help our clients to manage the impact on their businesses.

Free Trade Agreements: Compliance with Rules of Origin and Utilisation of Preferential Tariffs

Global trade has had a transformative impact on business. This article, originally published by Thomson Reuters looks at the utilisation of free trade agreements by businesses and the role of rules of origin in trade liberalisation. Read more

UK reviews national security impact of foreign investment

The UK Government has published proposals to strengthen its powers to review, and potentially block or unwind, foreign investments on national security grounds. Read more.

Trading Places – recent developments in international trade

Events over the past 18 months have put trade at the centre of international economic diplomacy and may potentially lead to dramatic shifts in the global trade order. Read more.

Blockchain, Trade Finance and Sanctions Issues

Blockchain has the potential to alter the global financial system but has implications for sanctions regimes. Read more.

EU proposal for screening of foreign direct investments

The European Commission has presented proposed legislation that would create an EU framework for screening of foreign takeovers and investments on grounds of security and public policy. Read more.

How China is building a global currency

Paola Subacchi of think tank Chatham House discusses the future of the renminbi. Read more.

The impact of Trump and Brexit on global trade, global businesses and their supply chains

Global trade policies are in a state of flux as governments work out what Brexit, President Trump's plans to renegotiate or scrap existing trade deals and Asia's growing focus on trade liberalisation will mean for the future. Read more.

The future of trade for the UK

This paper produced in partnership with the CBI offers advice on how to manage the potential changes ahead. Read more.

Brexit – trade and treaties

Clifford Chance experts, together with Professor Jim Rollo of the University of Sussex, a specialist in international trade, discuss how companies should prepare for future trade relationships. Read more.

Iran and the west: In conversation with Lord Lamont of Lerwick, UK Trade Envoy to Iran

Lord Lamont of Lerwick gave the third annual lecture at the Energy and Natural Resources Law Institute at Queen Mary University of London, an event which we sponsored. In this extract, Lord Lamont talks about the challenges and opportunities presented by Iran's relationship with the west and the potential for trade. Read more.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada

Seven years after negotiations began, CETA was finally signed in October 2016. What does it mean for competition law and policy and what impact will it have on both sides of the Atlantic? Read more.

China's one belt, one road: challenges and opportunties

China's one belt, one road  (OBOR) initiative ams to restore the country's old land and sea trade routes and to boost economic connectivity between Asia, Europe and Africa. it covers 65 countries and six economic corridors and accounts for on third of the world's GDP. We assess what it offers investors. Read more.

Risk and raising capital in East Africa

The future role of Africa in international trade and the challenges and risks that banks and corporates in East Africa face, were just some of the topics discussed at Clifford Chance's Risk and Raising Capital conference in Nairobi. Read more.