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Fintech brings together financial products and technology and is transforming the way the financial sector does business. Whether you are a financial institution embracing rapid changes to your existing business model or a challenger looking to disrupt traditional banking, fintech is about adapting to change and seizing new opportunities.

Blockchain, Trade Finance and Sanctions Issues

Blockchain has the potential to alter the global financial system but has implications for sanctions regimes. Read more.

Fintech in the Middle East - an overview

Government initiatives are driving a growing number of fintech startups across the region. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence: How do we make smarter decisions?

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the business of law. In this podcast about digital transformation in the legal sector, Paul Greenwood, Clifford Chance's Chief Information Officer explains how predictive algorithms can help lawyers analyse vast quantities of data and assess legal risk faster and more precisely.

Are Smart Contracts Contracts?

Will smart contracts prove that the future of contract lies in machine executable software code-agreements, or are they rather an unhappy hybrid, neither smart, nor contracts? Read more.

Initial Coin Offerings - Asking the right regulatory questions

 What are the risks, how are ICOs regulated and how might this change? Read more.

The Fintech Market in Asia Pacific  – an overview 

This overview will help you navigate the complex regulatory framework for fintech products across Asia Pacific. Read more here (Chinese version available here).

European fintech regulation – an overview

This report assesses regulation for fintech products across the EU. Read more.

Blockchain – what it is and why it's important

Blockchain is the technology that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin – but it has far wider applications and opens up new possibilities in financial services, the public sector and other areas. Read more.

Smart contracts: Legal agreements for the digital age

What are the benefits and risks of trusting machines to execute contracts? Read more.

Clifford Chance recently hosted a launch event for Citi's Tech for Integrity challenge

Clifford Chance is working with Citi on the global Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge (T4I), which encourages the development of technology that promotes integrity, accountability and transparency in the public sector and beyond. Read more.

Hot topic briefing – Insurtech

This briefing takes a high-level look at some of the issues affecting the rapidly evolving world of insurtech. Read more.

Big Data, big opportunities, big privacy

Big data analytics and techniques are becoming critical in fields beyond advertising and marketing, such as artificial intelligence, fintech and biotech. We look at a new guide developed by the Australian information commissioner and key privacy considerations for businesses engaging in big data activities. Read more.

Fintech Topic Guide

More publications and information can be found on our Fintech Topic Guide on the Clifford Chance Financial Markets Toolkit.

Talking Tech

Clifford Chance Talking Tech is your one-stop-shop for the latest legal trends and changes in the fast-moving technology sector.