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Climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy are top of the political agenda and present a range of challenges for businesses. We help clients to future-proof their businesses and identify risks and opportunities.

The EU's Sustainable Finance legislative proposals - What you need to know

Following the publication of its Sustainable Finance Action Plan in March 2018 the EU Commission has published a series of legislative proposals which aim to embed sustainable finance into the heart of the investment process and harness “the vast power of capital markets in the fight against climate change and promoting sustainability”. Read more.

EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan - What you need to know

The European Commission recently unveiled its strategy for reforming the EU financial system to support its climate and sustainable development agenda. Read more

Greening the Financial System

In this publication we have brought together our team to outline developments in green financing in local markets across the globe, demonstrating the sometimes contrasting approaches of different regions. We also focus on notable green financing products that show great future promise, notably sovereign green bonds, green loans and green securitisation. But the trend for innovation doesn’t stop there and green equities, sukuk, regulatory capital and hybrid bonds also look set to be growth areas in the year ahead. Read more.

Hydropower - Overview and selected key issues

Hydropower is the most widely used and the oldest form of renewable energy produced around the world. It offers flexible technology that, at its smallest, can power a single home, and at its largest can supply industry and the public with renewable electricity on a national and even regional scale. This briefing looks at the key features of hydropower projects. Read more.

New energy and carbon reporting rules:  UK Clean Growth Strategy

These briefings look at the proposals published as part of the UK Government's new Clean Growth Strategy, which sets out its plans to promote growth using a low carbon economy. the Government's thinking on corporate reporting on carbon and energy. In The UK Clean Growth Strategy - New energy and carbon reporting rules, we consider the Government's thinking on corporate reporting. In The UK Clean Growth Strategy – Drawing The Strands Together, we consider the broad scope of the Clean Growth Strategy and its key elements.

New UK plan for energy storage, smart systems and flexibility

We assess the UK Government's plan for a smart and flexible energy system.  Read more.

Report urges companies to disclose climate change impacts in financial filings

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures has published recommendations and detailed guidelines for companies to include climate-related information within their financial disclosures. Read more.

'Make our planet great again' - Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds

This alert highlights some of the themes discussed at the Green Bond Principles 3rd AGM and Annual Conference in Paris on 14 June 2017. Read more.

Renewable Incentives Guide - new 5th Edition

The 5th edition of our Renewables Incentives Guide provides an introduction to renewable energy incentives in 22 jurisdictions across the globe, including China, Russia and the US. Read more.

The EU's Sustainable Finance legislative proposals – What you need to know
The EU's Sustainable Finance legislative proposals – What you need to know