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The geopolitical landscape is shifting. As the US focuses inwards, China is emerging as the champion of globalisation. It has introduced financial reforms, is promoting the remnimbi as a global currency and has ambitious plans to create 'one belt, one road,' a vast economic corridor covering 74 countries. We have been in mainland China for over 30 years and are helping clients to identify the issues and trends that will have a significant impact on their businesses.

Shanghai-London Stock Connect: What do Chinese companies need to consider?

Shanghai-London Stock Connect – a stock exchange trading link – will allow investors to more easily trade depositary receipts representing shares cross-border and is a signal that the Chinese government is keen to increase foreign access to its financial markets. Read more here. For the Chinese version, please click here.

English Law and International Arbitration for China's Belt and Road

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects involve complex contractual arrangements with numerous parties including investors, financiers, consultants and advisers, construction contractors and government or state-owned enterprises. Many projects are both politically and technically challenging. Investors potentially face political instability, project delays, cost overruns and possibly, in the worst case, even project abandonment. With a myriad of different legal and regulatory systems potentially involved in cross-border infrastructure projects, the risks of disputes arising are real. Read more here.

Davos 2019: The next global crisis – are we ready?

China and the US are heading towards a new cold war which may radically alter the global economy, argued Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at New York University's Stern School of Business at an event hosted by Clifford Chance in Davos. Read here.


English Law and International Arbitration for China's Belt and Road
English Law and International Arbitration for China's Belt and Road
English Law and International Arbitration for China's Belt and Road