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The geopolitical landscape is shifting. As the US focuses inwards, China is emerging as the champion of globalisation and trade. It has introduced financial reforms, is promoting the remnimbi as a global currency and has ambitious plans to create 'one belt, one road,' a vast economic corridor covering 74 countries. We have been in mainland China for over 30 years and are helping clients to identify the issues and trends that will have a significant impact on their businesses.

Davos 2019: The next global crisis – are we ready?

China and the US are heading towards a new cold war which may radically alter the global economy, argued Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at New York University's Stern School of Business at an event hosted by Clifford Chance in Davos. Read here.

PRC regulatory approvals/filings required for Chinese outbound investment

The Chinese government has published a set of outbound investment guidelines aimed at regulating “irrational” overseas acquisitions by restricting investments in sectors such as real estate, hotels, movie studios, entertainment and sports clubs. You can read about the implications here.

How China is building a global currency

Paola Subacchi of think tank Chatham House discusses the future of the renminbi. Read more here

Brexit, Trump and other shocks to the system

George Magnus, economist and Associate at the China Centre at Oxford University discusses Trumponics, the rise of populism and the growing influence of China on the world order. Read more here

The impact of Trump and Brexit on global trade, global businesses and their supply chains

Global trade policies are in a state of flux as governments work out what Brexit, President Trump's plans to renegotiate or scrap existing trade deals and Asia's growing focus on trade liberalisation will mean for the future. Read more here.