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Our annual M&A trends report helps our clients navigate a new and shifting terrain for deals. It focuses on four areas which we believe will see dynamic change.

As boardrooms and investors look forward to a strengthening economic outlook in 2018, we explore some of the forces and trends that will shape the M&A environment.

Long-established businesses are fired up by the need to transform as they seek to take on the challenge of tech titans, new entrants and start-ups. Data residing within their own systems, as yet not fully monetised, is their greatest asset as they fight to stay relevant in fast-changing markets.

We are in an age of influence, where shareholder activists are training their sights well beyond their traditional North American base. Listed companies need to become more active in managing shareholder expectations and responding to unexpected demands.

Recent political upheaval in the US and across Europe has led to shifting views on the benefits of globalisation and some governments are tightening channels for foreign direct investment in response, in part motivated by populist demands. Others, including China, are beginning to open up as they weigh the benefits of inbound investment.

The private equity industry’s funding and fee model is under pressure with ever-growing levels of undeployed capital and fierce competition for quality assets

You can find our report on the Global M&A Toolkit.