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Our annual M&A trends report helps our clients navigate a new and shifting terrain for deals. It focuses on four areas which we believe will see dynamic change in 2017.

Outbound acquisitions by Chinese bidders topped USD208.6bn in 2016, a 114% increase on the previous year, driven by industrial, chemical and technology deals into Europe and North America.

Our new M&A trends report, A Global Shift, looks at China on the Rise together with our insights on:

  • Invisible Stakeholders: new players and actors in deals empowered by the politics of populism.
  • Chasing Innovation: how non-tech firms now prioritising and chasing transformative technologies to maintain and protect their business models.
  • Economic Drivers of Dealmaking: analysis of the shifting world of money supply for deals, and its attendant tax issues.

Guy Norman, Clifford Chance Global M&A leader, says: "Like other periods of change through history, the business environment is today perhaps a time of opportunity. 2017 will be a year when some boards and businesses may be tempted to wait out the storm of uncertainties on the side lines. Others will seize the moment and steal a march on their competitors though M&A."

You can find our report on the Global M&A Toolkit.