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Stablecoins: A snapshot of global regulation

18 September 2019


Facebook’s proposed stablecoin, Libra, is dominating the headlines. However, growing interest means increased regulatory and political scrutiny. As digital assets transcend national borders, what does this mean for those interested in issuing or participating...

German draft law clarifies licence requirements for own account trading

12 September 2019


On 5 September 2019, the German Federal Government has proposed an amendment to the German Banking Act (KWG) which clarifies German licence requirements for cross-border own account trading (Eigengeschäft) by non-EEA entities. As such, the proposal is in particular...

Il rinnovo del CCNL Dirigenti Industria: quali novità?

29 August 2019


In data 30 luglio 2019, Confindustria e Federmanager hanno siglato il rinnovo del CCNL per i dirigenti di aziende produttrici di beni e servizi. L'accordo, che scadrà il 31 dicembre 2023 e che decorre dal 1° gennaio 2019 salve particolari decorrenze...

The UK Parliament can (probably) block a no-deal Brexit

13 August 2019


The Withdrawal Agreement seems dead in the water, and negotiations between the UK and EU have stalled. The UK Government is determined to leave the EU on 31 October, but could Parliament stop it? The answer appears to be yes – probably. If a majority to...

Polish Legislation Newsletter - June - July 2019

12 August 2019


This legislation newsletter summarises selected changes to Polish law. It is not comprehensive and does not present all of the changes to Polish law that you might be interested in, nor is it legal advice or a legal opinion in this respect. If you wish to obtain...

Najnowsze Akty Prawne - Czerwiec - Lipiec 2019

12 August 2019


Niniejszy informator legislacyjny prezentuje wybrane zmiany w polskim prawie; nie jest jednak kompleksowym przeglądem wszystkich zagadnień, którymi mogliby być Państwo zainteresowani. Nie stanowi on też porady ani opinii prawnej. Jeżeli chcieliby Państwo...