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Climate change and the pressure on coal - latest developments

15 April 2019


Coal projects are under pressure from governments, courts, businesses and investors as the momentum to reduce the use of coal builds. This briefing explores some of the action being taken by the public and private sectors and the impact on the industry.

Mining & Renewables – Opportunities in Collaboration

2 February 2018


We explore opportunities for the mining and renewables sectors to collaborate from renewable power offering mining companies lower energy costs, protection against fuel price volatility and mitigation of the risk of power interruptions to renewable energy companies...

Tax clampdown on multinationals in Africa

17 October 2016


Many African governments have in recent years strengthened their efforts to have more control over the activities of multinational corporations which operate in their jurisdictions. The latest tool employed is that of tax. In line with international developments,...

Brexit and the Energy and Resources sector

12 July 2016


In the wake of the 'Leave' outcome of the UK's EU referendum, we consider the potential impacts of a 'Brexit' on the Energy and Resources sector. Given the continued uncertainty surrounding the terms and timing of Brexit, it is impossible to...

Alternative financing structures in the oil, gas and mining sectors

4 March 2016


Against a backdrop of falling commodity prices, access to finance has become one of the key challenges facing many industry participants in the oil, gas and mining sectors. Solutions in the form of innovative financing structures and new sources of funding are...

Mozambique's new Mining Law and the key changes it introduces

8 December 2014


Mozambique's mining sector, particularly its substantial unexploited coal deposits in the central province of Tete, has recently attracted significant attention from international mining companies. Recognising this potential, a new Mining Law (Law No. 20/2014)...

New Petroleum Law: The Future of Oil & Gas in Mozambique

15 October 2014


Due to significant natural gas discoveries in 2013, Mozambique has become the focus of attention for numerous international oil companies.  In response, the Mozambican Parliament approved Petroleum Law (Law No. 21/2014) on 14 August 2014, repealing the previous...