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The digital future of syndicated loans

10 June 2019


Are we at the dawn of a new era in which a syndicated loan is seamlessly negotiated, executed, recorded, funded, managed, traded and regulated entirely on one technology platform? While this might be a little further on the horizon, financial institutions are...

UK Government announces radical new digital services tax

29 October 2018


In his October 2018 Budget speech, the UK Chancellor announced a radical new Digital Services Tax ("DST") on digital platforms that derive their economic value from the participation of UK users.  The DST significantly departs from the traditional...

Infrastructure: 21st Century Challenges - A legal perspective

29 October 2018


Global geopolitical shifts, climate change, financial stress, and rapid technological developments are having a huge impact on the infrastructure sector. In this publication we provide a legal perspective on some of the most pressing issues for the industry, with...

Tackling the UK Government's 'Clean Growth' strategy through technology

23 August 2018


Technology underpins the UK Government’s long-term plans to transform the economy and boost productivity. The Industrial Strategy, published in 2017, outlines ways in which the Government will work with the private sector to harness technology and place the...

View from Davos – Technology will it unite or divide us?

29 January 2018


Technology was one of the dominant themes at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This year will see huge strides forward in artificial intelligence, more instances of state and non-state hacking and it will be the moment when people begin to grasp the potential...

Fintech: Disruptors disrupted?

31 May 2016


Financial technology – fintech – is shaking up traditional financial services. From payments to wealth management, from peer-to-peer lending to crowd funding, a new generation of startups is competing head to head with banks for a share...

Fintech - the future for financial institutions

26 April 2016


Some Fintech companies, using cutting edge technology, aim to disrupt traditional banking and finance and are competing for their business. Their aim is to be better, faster and cheaper. For some parts of their business, financial institutions will either need...