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Singapore Convention on Mediation Signed by 46 Countries

14 August 2019


On 7 August 2019, the Singapore Convention on Mediation (the "Convention"), the world's first ever convention on mediation, was signed in Singapore. In an early sign of strong multilateral support, 46 countries signed the Convention including the...

Treaty protection for Indian investments abroad: The Changed Landscape

29 May 2019


India's investment treaties lower the political and sovereign risk of Indian cross-border investments by providing investors with enforceable international legal protections. Given India's recent policy of terminating its investment treaties, Indian investors...

India Arbitration Round-up: March 2019

13 March 2019


For most foreign investors in India, arbitration remains the preferred method of dispute resolution. In our latest India Arbitration Round-Up, we review significant developments in Indian arbitration from the past 6 months. During this period, Indian...

India Arbitration Round-Up: 2018 So Far

13 August 2018


Recent months have seen continued positive steps in the field of arbitration in India. In this update, we look back at the key developments so far in 2018. These include a a number of pro-arbitration decisions from the Supreme Court of India, a refusal to grant...

Singapore Contentious Commentary

25 July 2018


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Singapore contentious commentary. In the first edition of a quarterly publication, we look at important or interesting decisions made by the Singapore courts in the second quarter of 2018 (April to June). During this period, the...

Belt and Road: Dispute Resolution from a Chinese Perspective

20 June 2018


Since its launch in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has driven billions of dollars’ worth of ambitious infrastructure projects across nearly seventy countries. Chinese companies, in particular state-owned enterprises investing abroad, consider the...

Third-Party Funding in Singapore: The Dawn of a New Era

27 January 2017


Third-party funding is the funding of costs of legal proceedings by an entity that has no direct interest in the outcome of the dispute. Recent changes to Singapore law now allow third-party funding in respect of international arbitration proceedings, and provide...