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Clifford Chance


Structuring modern financing solutions can be difficult and highly complex

Accessing information critical to the proper structuring of a cross border transaction is essential to the success of a deal.

Cross Border Financing Guide gives you online access to the information that can make or break your deal.

Designed for business users, it offers a concise and practical overview of the key legal and market developments in jurisdictions around the world. Its clear and practical guidance helps you assess the key issues and focus on what you do best: create a successful deal.

You can:

  • quickly and easily create a tailored report based on the jurisdictions and issues relevant to your deal
  • use the guide's Comparative Tables to assess the inconsistencies between the laws of the countries involved and
  • find fast answers to specific queries using the comprehensive search facility.

The service provides dynamic, searchable online support for your team's planning and decision-making processes. The service also offers email update summaries on recent changes in jurisdictions across the world.

For each jurisdiction it sets out recent developments, key concerns and current market practice.