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Clifford Chance


This easy-to-use digital guide provides an overview of employment law in a large range of key jurisdictions.

The Employment Law Guide enables easy comparisons on your desktop (when using the web-based version), the ability to search for specific advice within the guide, and the creation of digital links that can be shared quickly and directly.

Areas covered by the Employment Law Guide include:

  • How employees are engaged, remunerated and dismissed
  • Employee consultation, works councils and unions
  • The costs associated with employment
  • Protecting confidential information and business interests
  • The rights of employers and employees during, and after, employment

If you require more in-depth advice, just click the 'contact' button to connect with the relevant specialist. The digital guide replaces our EU and International Employment Law Guides and will be updated on a regular basis.

This tool is optimised for all devices and is accessible from desktop, laptop and mobile devices, to access the guide please click here. To enable easy access to the guide on the move, mobile device users can also download the guide from the Apple App Store and Google Play.