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Clifford Chance


The Clifford Chance Dawn Raids App, covering over 90 different authorities across Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States, gives you what you need to effectively deal with urgent situations.

Regulatory investigations are becoming increasingly common. When faced with an unexpected visit by a regulator or a judiciary authority, our priority is to help our clients respond quickly and appropriately.

Key features include:

  • Specialist advice on numerous types of dawn raids such as antitrust, tax, fraud, anti-corruption, employment and more
  • Step by step guidance on effectively managing a dawn raid
  • Tips and advice in English and local languages across 16 jurisdictions
  • Contact feature to reach out to your local Clifford Chance specialist to receive immediate advice

This app is for Clifford Chance clients only. For full access to the app, please contact your Clifford Chance relationship team.