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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

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Clifford Chance, Moscow
ul. Gasheka, 6
125047 Moscow

Tel +74952585050
Fax +74952585051

Closure of Clifford Chance Moscow

We will be ceasing our operations in Russia with effect from 31 May. Subject to receiving client agreements, we will be transferring existing Russian client work to a new, independent law firm called Bortkevicha & Partners, which will be based in Moscow and headed up by Vika Bortkevicha, currently the Office Managing Partner of our existing Moscow Office.

We expect the new firm to be operational from 1 May and, subject to receiving client agreements, we expect to be transferring Russian work to this newly created independent law firm during May, after which period the operations of our existing Moscow Office will cease with effect from 31 May.

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