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Clifford Chance Applied Solutions develops new digital tool guiding businesses on employment restructuring during uncertain times

25 November 2020

Clifford Chance Applied Solutions develops new digital tool guiding businesses on employment restructuring during uncertain times

Clifford Chance Applied Solutions has today announced the launch of a digital tool "Cross-Border Publisher: Employment Restructuring" providing businesses with trusted legal know how on potential risks with redundancy, redundancy processes and alternatives (such as part time working, lay-offs, salary reductions and benefit reductions). The tool covers a growing list of key jurisdictions* for businesses, with more jurisdictions to be added subject to demand.

Businesses are under pressure to examine current employee workforce and restructure. Forty-five percent of businesses in the UK experienced a decrease in turnover, compared with what is normally expected for this time of year* with similar trends being observed in other countries around the globe. The tool enables businesses to navigate this ever-changing environment and assists with business continuity matters. The product includes the following:

  • Enables businesses to view employment restructuring options (including redundancies and other cost cutting measures) in 17 jurisdictions;
  • Regular updates on the latest legislation and regulations relevant to employment restructuring and temporary Covid-19 related governmental measures on a multi-jurisdictional basis;
  • Time saving Q&A format allows answers to be filtered and jurisdictions compared easily;
  • Reduces the need for business to rely upon external counsel, and therefore provides a reliable and cost-effective service. 

Alistair Woodland, partner, co-head of global employment practice at Clifford Chance, comments: "The pandemic has forced many businesses to make critical decisions relating to their workforce. Many employers have switched to homeworking and are accessing various Covid-relief measures. For many employers, redundancies are seen as a last resort - redundancies made today could result in staff shortages in the near future. The product allows employers to explore other cost saving options, from part-time working to unpaid leave, to the removal or re-negotiation of benefits, and also redundancies made as a last resort, to ensure that they have a good understanding of their local regulations around these processes."

Jeroen Plink, CEO at Clifford Chance Applied Solutions, comments: "Businesses are under increased pressure due to these uncertain times. Working with Clifford Chance's employment lawyers, our aim was to ensure we relieved a burden from businesses by creating one place to stay updated on employee restructuring regulations and processes. The tool will be updated every fortnight allowing multi-jurisdictional companies to compare Q and A results."

This product has been developed from Clifford Chance's Return to Work Toolkit which advises business throughout the various phases of the COVID-19 crisis on employment, health & safety, data privacy, landlord and tenants issues.

The Clifford Chance partners involved in the product were; Alistair Woodland (London), Tim Grave (Sydney), Xavier Remy (Brussels), David Kolacek (Prague), Francois Farmine (Paris), Ines Keitel (Frankfurt), Simonetta Candela (Milan), Tatsuhiko Kamiyama (Tokyo), Albert Moro (Luxembourg) Floris Van de Bult (Amsterdam), Alexander Anichkin (Moscow), Howard Adler (New York) supported by associates Juan Calvente (Madrid), Elan Krishna (Singapore), Joanna Kaminska (Warsaw), Anita Lam (Hong Kong), Jay Liang (Shanghai).