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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Global M&A Trends 2019

Opportunities in a changing landscape

In the 2019 report we focus on four major themes and their impact on the global M&A market.

Digital borders

Technology and data play a central role in deals, especially when they become the focus of trade and political disputes. With many governments beginning to more strictly regulate cyberspace and data use, geographic considerations are now central to how companies structure their operations and enter new markets.

Intellectual property in M&A

Smart businesses are recognising how intellectual property assets can be leveraged for value and used as a negotiating tool in deals. The rise of data as an asset class means that some of the most exciting deals today involve IP-rich businesses. The report shows how these must be handled with care, citing examples of risk, as well as highlighting routes to success.

Real assets

Unprecedented levels of fundraising flowing to infrastructure, energy and real estate demonstrate the continued appeal of ‘real assets' that offer predictable returns in an uncertain world. As demand outpaces supply in developed markets, high valuations are forcing investors to increase their risk appetite and broaden their geographic horizons.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are a notable feature of the deal landscape. As a less capital-intensive complement to traditional M&A, such combinations allow companies to pool expertise and share costs to defend market position, or to expand into new markets and technologies.