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Predictions 2022

2022 Predictions on Tech from Jonathan Kewley, Co-head of the Clifford Chance Tech Group

Ethical design, the Splinternet, and AI horror stories! are Jonathan's major predictions for tech in 2022.

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Our relationship with AI: fiend of foe?

Developed in conjunction with Milltown Partners, this report explores overall attitudes to technology and AI, the perceived benefits and risks of AI, as well as respondents' support for different regulatory approaches to AI and their confidence in the likelihood of those approaches succeeding.


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Four areas of focus identified


Latest podcast

Artificial Intelligence, a question of liability?

What liability standards will the EU Commission apply to artificial intelligence in the future? And what will AI manufacturers and companies using artificial intelligence have to deal with in terms of liability law? Counsel Jan Conrady and senior associate Eva Lange discuss these topics and more in the third episode of the Clifford Chance podcast series "Talking Tech - AI" with journalist Pia Lorenz. There is one thing the two lawyers agree on: Without regulated liability, there will be no broad acceptance for the use of complex AI systems. [In German]

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Clifford Chance International Festival of Fintech

With the theme of Building a thriving and sustainable fintech ecosystem for the future, our International Festival of Fintech consists of three days of fintech webinars featuring expert panel discussions and fireside chats with industry leaders and rising stars, each focused on the fast-changing world of financial technology and tackling related legal and regulatory issues. 

Introduced by Simon Crown and Paul Landless, co-heads of the firm's fintech practice, our internal team of fintech experts will be joined on the virtual stage by speakers from 22 fintech firms, financial institutions, corporates, policy makers and industry associations.

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