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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Tech for good

We see the benefits of advanced technology, but also the risks and damage technology can do if mismanaged, and particularly if large numbers of people were to be displaced from job markets by automation with no viable alternative.

Executives tell us how they see the upsides of tech – quality of life, wealth creation and a more connected world – alongside the threats of impoverishment, income inequality and the erosion of privacy and human rights.

With technology so enmeshed in work and society, a new ‘tech ethics’ is paramount. The stakes could not be higher.

In collaboration with Forbes Insights, we surveyed 300 senior c-suite executives from $1 billion+ companies on their hopes and fears for tech-driven growth. To find out more, read the Tech for Good extract from our Ready, Steady, Grow report below.

Ready, Steady, Grow.

Building sustainable tech strategy for the next decade

Ready, Steady, Grow.

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