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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Are businesses prepared for the challenges ahead?

When it comes to data, companies feel the most concerned and least prepared. With data, more than in any other area of tech-growth, businesses see a tension between maximizing profit and doing the right thing.

Most companies are either already using big data, or exploring it for future use, yet highly significant numbers of executives say data poses the biggest ethical risks to their businesses. Only a minority say they are well equipped to deal with the associated legal and regulatory challenges ahead. The alliances, mergers, joint ventures and partnerships pursued to facilitate growth in this area, also bring new sets of risks.

In collaboration with Forbes Insights, we surveyed 300 senior c-suite executives from $1 billion+ companies on their hopes and fears for tech-driven growth. To find out more, read the Data extract from our Ready, Steady, Grow report below.

Ready, Steady, Grow.

Building a sustainable tech strategy for the next decade

Ready, Steady, Grow.

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