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Why I'm an ally

As part of our #VirtualPride celebrations, say 'allo to #LGBT+ ally Andrew Beasley, Regional Director for the Innovation Programme in Asia Pacific.

Started at Clifford Chance
February 2010, started consulting to the firm back in 2001!

Role in the firm
Regional Director for the Innovation Programme.

Role outside the firm
Photographer and lover of Australian Rules Football.

Describe your work self in three words.
Leader, flexible, friendly.

Describe your personal self (outside of work) in 3 words.
Fun, food, travel.

Why did you become an Ally?
I have a gay brother who I love dearly, so when the Ally programme started I wanted to join to show my support for him and the other members of the group.

I have recently become more aware of the some of the struggles that he and his now husband went through growing up. This has made me determined to create space in my personal and professional lives to let people be who they want to be and to make sure the everybody feels included and valued.

Have you ever felt like a minority?
I have since I moved to the Asia, before that I have only lived and worked in western countries where English was spoken. Since moving to Asia I have been exposed to different cultures and ways of working that I was not familiar with. This has been a big learning curve for me, and I have had to learn to be more observant and respectful of their beliefs and customs.

When I take the time to listen and observe, I always come away from the experience with a different perspective, which, not only helps me work with them more effectively but has also enriched my life in certain ways.

What's your one wish relating to Arcus for the next 12 months?
I really want to get to know all the other members of the community, both in our organisation and the other organisations in Singapore and across APAC that are focused on normalising the conversation around diversity and inclusion.

If you could let the LGBT+ community in Clifford Chance know one thing, what would it be? 

I want to let them know that I am always happy to help if required. In addition to this I also need the community's help and insights as to how I, and we as an organisation be better at making our place of workplace where everybody feels included, safe and valued.