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The next innovation

Our industry is changing faster than ever, so to match that pace, we created our Research and Development (R&D) hub. By investing in new models, technologies and ways of working, we stay at the forefront of advances in legal services delivery, helping us put our clients on the front foot for what comes next.

The opportunities to enhance the way that legal services are delivered continue to present themselves, driven by demand from clients and the availability of new, data-driven technologies. The R&D hub pools our innovation expertise across product development, project management and research and technology to find new digital solutions for our lawyers and clients. Our vision is to bring the legal services model of tomorrow to our clients today. 


What is the R&D hub?

Our dedicated R&D hub brings the firm's research, design and development capabilities together in one place, creating a framework to engage with change and stay ahead of digital disruption. By working with Clifford Chance lawyers and other key teams, the R&D hub is focusing on the rapid and effective development of new digital solutions for the firm and its clients.

Our hub helps us to track technology and relevant market developments, explore key issues and encourage new ideas. We also collaborate with legal innovation influencers to share and develop the new ideas that are shaping our sector. This includes clients, academic institutions and industry bodies.


How does it work?

Our work is informed by a dedicated Data Science Lab, a Centre for Robotic Process Automation and our Innovation Lab in Singapore, Create+65. Using the insights that we gather and applying them to our legal service delivery, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the legal sector.

We work with a wide range of partners, including:

Our clients – whose needs, expectations and concerns inform our approach and design.

Leading universities and academic institutions including Harvard Law, Singapore Management University and University College London where we help to develop fresh skills in lawyers and other professionals of the future.

Legal innovation influencers such as Barclays Eagle Labs and the Future of Law Innovation Program (FLIP) by the Singapore Academy of Law.


Key benefits

The R&D hub is designed to play a leading role in the transformation of our legal service delivery model and, through its collaborative approach, the wider industry. But its ultimate focus is on serving our clients better.

It is helping us to constantly gain a better understanding of the challenges our clients face and intensifies our focus on creating services which continue to add value beyond our legal expertise. By staying at the forefront of advances in legal services, we are helping our clients achieve longer-term and sustainable success.


R&D Hub at work

Our award winning CC Dr@ft solution is an example of the kind of digital solution Clifford Chance brings to its clients. CC Dr@ft combines a powerful digital platform with bespoke automation and maintenance services. Our team of legal document automation specialists work with you to configure a bespoke solution which delivers you return on your investment year after year.

Our Innovation Academy is a training programme that offers our lawyers and clients an immersive experience in design thinking and legal technology. Participants learn techniques to spot opportunities for improved ways of working and solution design. They also get hands-on development experience using a low code platform to build a prototype solution.


Taking the next step

To find out more about how our R&D hub can help with your legal matters or operations, get in touch with April Brousseau

R&D Hub at a glance

  • Brings together our leading expertise in product development, project management, research and technology together in one place to create tomorrow's legal services, today.
  • Prepares our clients and our lawyers of the future with new skills through hands-on training using low and no code development combined with design thinking and solution architecture principles.

  • Built through our Create+65 innovation lab, our new system for automatically generating early-stage financing documentation for start-up and investor clients means that they now have a simpler and faster route to growth. Our model is based on the industry standard VIMA (Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements) suite launched by the Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

Discover Create+65

Based in Singapore, Create+65 is our first global innovation lab. It has been designed to create a strategic space that unites our lawyers, our clients and the wider legal community.

The purpose of Create+65 is to discover the future of legal services through research, education and collaboration. The lab helps clients understand what digital innovation can mean to them and what is required to effectively embrace it.

Our innovation lab

Discover our VIMA suite of documents

Are you a start-up or investor interested in the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA) suite of documents? We have created simple and easy to use solutions that automatically generate documents based on the industry standard VIMA suite launched by the Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. 

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