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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Create. Disrupt. Deliver.

Create+65 is our first global innovation lab – a strategic space that unites our lawyers, our clients and the wider legal community.

The purpose of Create+65 is to discover the future of legal services through research, education and collaboration. The ultimate aim? To help our clients prepare and adapt to the future through a process of exploration and innovation.

Create+65 helps clients understand what digital innovation can mean to them and what is required to effectively embrace it. 

Create+65 and digital transformation: what it means for you

Client engagement and collaboration

Create+65 fosters the relationships that give us true insight into what our clients need. We adopt a client engagement model that allows us to connect the dots in a way that brings value to our clients.

See some case study examples of how Create+65 helps clients here.

Case studies

Lawyer education and engagement

We engage with our lawyers and clients to build momentum in, raise awareness of and excite people about the opportunities that digital transformation and disruption can present. We work with our lawyers to find the best ways to help you using people, process and technology. 

Research-based thought leadership

Together with leading industry bodies including the Singapore Academy of Law's Future Law Innovation Programme, Create+65 supports the transformation of the legal sector through expert research and thought leadership. 

Create: What it can do for you – and for us

Based in Singapore, our Create+65 team are dedicated to asking the questions today that will help us meet the challenges of tomorrow – both for us as a global law firm and you, the client.

Talk to the Create+65 team and find out how, together, we can reshape the global legal sector.

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Create. Disrupt. Deliver.