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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Cross-Border Publisher:
Data Protection

Staying on top of your data protection obligations as a data controller or processor is a challenge faced by almost every business. Whether considering the rules governing international data transfers, data processing or data security, a reliable source of legal information can help. 

Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection, an online product from Clifford Chance Applied Solutions, is the digital solution to meet your compliance and business challenges when it comes to personal data protection. 

The product provides legal guidance on a range of data protection issues to assist you in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US and related local data protection regulations on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Simple and practical guidance from Clifford Chance is presented in a question and answer format, helping to ensure you make the right decisions for your business to avoid personal data breaches and the potential for substantial fines for non-compliance.

Simply log in, select the questions and jurisdictions you are interested in, and instantly access practical Clifford Chance legal guidance created by our team of experts.

Key benefits

Stay up to date with the latest changes in GDPR and local regulations

Save time searching for answers and the legal background you need

Demonstrate compliance with data protection obligations

Consistent source of knowledge which is easy to share

Enable operational resilience - shift data protection efforts from a one-off activity into business as usual

Reduce reliance on external counsel – saving time and money

Empower multiple users within your business

Low cost option for compliance

Instance access to Clifford Chance's expert legal guidance

Key features

  •      Extensive questions and answers, modelled on Clifford Chance multi-jurisdictional survey best practice
  •      Answers for multiple jurisdictions can be viewed at once for quick comparison
  •      Downloadable results
  •      Results can be filtered by question and/or jurisdiction
  •      Easy to navigate results with both a summary and detailed answer to each question
  •      Product accessible 24 hours a day
  •      Instant access to customer support via in-built chat


"Since the GDPR came into force, it has pressured countries globally to meet a new international gold standard, as well as adopt their own data privacy regimes. An avalanche of new data laws has resulted, and this is only the beginning. Our new digital tool is a vital resource for staying up-to-date with a dizzying range of new laws. The end result will be greater digital trust and transparency, which in turn will strengthen relationships with customers and employees." 

Jonathan Kewley, Partner and Co-Head of the Tech Group,
Clifford Chance


"The increase in data protection requirements from GDPR has led to significant fines, confusion and a heightened sense of privacy awareness among the general public. Practical guidance which helps shift GDPR efforts from a one-off activity into ‘business as usual’ is required to alleviate this. With this product, not only do you get all the information you need to make informed decisions quickly, but you can pinpoint the relevant information easily, helping to cut through the confusion and mitigate risks."

Andrei Mikes, Associate, Clifford Chance



"Data protection is relevant to all organisations and is now a Board level topic. It is vital that companies have a source of information on data protection topics that they can rely on and trust, and one that is accessible 24/7. Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection gives you just that, access to instant trusted guidance at the eleventh hour." 

Sanne Blankestijn, Associate, Clifford Chance