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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Create+65 LegalTech categories

What are we looking for?

Our LegalTech categories have been informed by partner, client and market feedback

We are investing in these areas because our clients are asking us for new services and capabilities that solve these challenges.

Document drafting, management and analytics

For example:

  • How might we improve the contract drafting process
  • How might we improve the corporate due diligence process
  • How might we analyze thousands of historical contracts to find and automatically update specified terms and related clauses
  • How might we simplify the process of reviewing multiple contract amendments to understand the current picture

Natural language processing and machine learning

For example:

  • How might we translate legal documents into non-roman languages
  • How might we update a legal document that is governed by the laws of one jurisdiction so that it is permissible and can be governed in accordance with the laws of another jurisdiction

Regulations and compliance

For example:

  • How might we build an algorithm library of regulations that can be integrated with other systems and commercialized
  • How might we monitor and track global regulatory developments

Data protection and security

For example:

  • How might we anonymize/redact large volumes of legal documents (removing personal, medical, company, product, location, events and regulatory data)
  • How might we safely and securely communicate with clients using digital communication tools

Access to justice

For example:

  • How might we help people understand legal terminology while reading a legal document
  • How might we use technology to answer routine legal queries

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