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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

CC Dr@ft

Legal document automation platform

Document automation delivered

Have your legal and business teams been holding off on document automation because you've heard it is too challenging to implement? Maybe you have tried automating your legal documents but found that it is challenging to bridge the gap between legal and IT? If so, you should consider CC Dr@ft.

Our key differentiator is our service. We ensure your document automation solution works for you and you get a return on investment year on year. This includes automation design and development, a robust implementation process and ongoing support.

Document automation is a system which allows legal and business teams to quickly and independently generate tailor-made documents from their desktop. It enable users to easily create documents from an online questionnaire.

The CC Dr@ft team are widely regarded in the industry as having automated the most complex templates, experience that will prove invaluable in fulfilling your specific requirements. Over the last couple of years, the team has built an excellent track record in automating legal and business templates for clients such as financial institutions, asset managers and large corporates. Read our blog from the team to hear more insights.

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The benefits of document automation

CC Dr@ft delivers huge time savings – typically clients report a 50-75% reduction in time taken per document. That's because data only has to be entered once.

Redundant effort is eliminated as CC Dr@ft forms adapt to your answers, removing irrelevant options as you progress. Where there are limited options, these appear on drop down menus with contextualised legal advice to help you make a decision.

Consistency is achieved using automated templates leading to fewer errors and omissions. The platform also produces a digital record of data that is filterable, offering the potential to automate additional processes in your legal and business workflows.

Minimise legal risks

Using CC Dr@ft minimises legal risks inherent when producing a lot of documents. The stakes are high as any error will be multiplied across the automated set. 

Our lawyers truly understand the structure of the decision tree underlying a legal document where variations have to be selected during the drafting process. Therefore, we are able to design a bespoke interactive tool which substantially minimizes legal risks related to the drafting process.

To further mitigate the risks resulting from drafting errors an alert can be set up to inform users when there are data entries that seem out of the ordinary.

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