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Political Change

Building a resilient business

Political, regulatory and legal environments are becoming increasingly complex, creating more business challenges than ever. How businesses engage in the political and legislative process can be critical to their success.

It is not enough to simply react to regulatory developments. Rather, businesses must be proactive in understanding, anticipating and engaging with the political and legal processes affecting their global operations.

Clifford Chance will help you understand key political trends and the legal and reputational impacts these could have on your business globally and in-country. We work with the world's leading businesses on economic, legal and political policies and provide strategic advice on anticipating, understanding and influencing legislative and regulatory developments worldwide.

Be clear on political change

5 questions to ask yourself


How does our business monitor geopolitical trends?

Are you aware of the key geopolitical trends that affect your global business? Do you have processes and policies in place to identify and monitor geopolitical trends and engage with relevant regulatory and industry bodies? Do you have internal positions about how to mitigate the impact of policy shifts on your business?


Do we fully understand the geopolitical risks facing the business?

Understanding key geopolitical trends enables decision-makers to direct resources towards engaging with the relevant political and regulatory areas and managing impacts on the business. Do you take steps to understand the policy debate and the practical implications of geopolitical trends on your business?


Are we ready for the next global crisis?

Have you been reviewing and updating your internal processes and policies to plan for and mitigate foreseeable regulatory and political changes? Do you have the necessary procedures in place to prepare comprehensive contingency plans and to implement those plans quickly and efficiently should a crisis hit?


How do we use technology in our business?

Technology will continue to be disruptive to your stakeholders. How will technology and its regulation by governments facilitate or harm your business? Do you fully understand how the technology you are using is regulated or whether changes to current regulations are likely in the future?


What are we doing to plan for climate disruption?

The Paris Agreement on climate change has heightened awareness globally of the imperative to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change risks are increasingly the focus of board attention. Have you adopted a strategy for addressing climate change risk?

Why Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance was the first international law firm to set up a dedicated Public Policy Practice with expertise in European institutional and public affairs. The Firm continues to be instrumental in shaping the debate on corporate and public policy reform. At Clifford Chance, public policy is built in to everything we do, not bolted on.

Meet our Political Change team

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Political Change | Podcast

Reflections from the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos

Malcolm Sweeting is joined by Connie Heng and Jeroen Ouwehand to share their thoughts on the big topics on the agenda at this year's event including trade, climate change, technology advancement and globalisation in the Clifford Chance Podcast.

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Brexit Hub

With the UK and the wider EU facing the consequences of the Brexit vote, businesses globally need to manage the challenges and pursue the opportunities. Our dedicated Brexit Hub will help you make sense of the latest developments on the implications of Brexit and what it might mean for Britain’s ongoing relationship with Europe.

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