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Global Antitrust Trends Report 2019

Antitrust is making headlines. Calls for stronger enforcement are getting louder in every major jurisdiction. Our report describes how this is playing out in four key areas.

Merger control regimes around the world are changing, with new rules, new agencies, new policies and new ideas about which mergers could be harmful.

Trends in antitrust enforcement include record-breaking fines in Europe and Asia, increased risks for individuals and renewed scrutiny of collusion in financial securities markets. In Europe, there is growing competition between venues to attract damages claims.

In the digital economy, the antitrust horizon is foreboding for big tech players, with large scale investigations ongoing, the creation of new regulators and regulations, and stricter merger reviews. And changes to the way competition authorities think about data have potential to affect major players’ ability to monetise large-scale data sets.

Finally, we are seeing ever more politicisation of M&A and antitrust. Various countries are expanding politicians’ powers to intervene in foreign takeovers, and 'national security' justifications for such intervention are becoming broader.

Sophisticated compliance will be required to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the coming year.

Antitrust Risk

The antitrust risk landscape is shifting. Caught up in the ever-changing priorities of governments and antitrust authorities globally, companies are inadvertently slipping up in the antitrust arena.

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