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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Boardroom Risk and Reputation

Building a resilient business

We help businesses to build resilience, sustain growth and be better prepared

Our enterprise-wide approach to risk management helps boards to navigate an increasingly complex risk landscape.

We can help businesses feel more confident in their ability to manage their reputation through advice and insights into good corporate culture, effective corporate risk and crisis management, and a sound understanding of the political, regulatory and legal environment.

We work with international businesses to address a wide spectrum of boardroom-level risks.

ESG Reporting Issues and Securities Litigation Risk

Investors are increasingly considering the Environmental, Social and Governance credentials of publicly listed issuers when making investments. This has put ESG disclosures in annual reports and prospectuses under intense scrutiny, meaning issuers are at risk of investor and activist claims if those disclosures are inaccurate. Experience from other jurisdictions shows that investors are willing to pursue large-scale group claims against companies for inaccurate reporting, and given the growth in the UK securities litigation market more generally, we anticipate that investors in this jurisdiction are likely to follow suit.

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Data Risk | Podcast

Technological Innovation: Understanding and Managing the Legal and Reputational Risks

In a podcast from DerivSource, partner Kate Scott discusses the risks (legal, ethical and reputational) financial institutions face as the adoption of new and innovative technology increases and what measures can be implemented to best manage these emerging risks.


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