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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019


This exhibition features a selection of winning photos from the 2013-2016 editions of Pride Photo Award, an international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.

Pride means proud to be seen; to be yourself, regardless of what others may think of you. For the 2019 Amsterdam edition of Pride Art, and in keeping with the global theme "Millions of Moments of Pride" Clifford Chance and Pride Photo Award have selected images about Pride from all over the world. The exhibition features works by Akın Çeliktaş, Jean-Jérôme Destouches, Nicola Ókin Frioli, Nafis Ahmed Gazi, Mads Nissen, Frédéric Noy and Marika Puicher.

The winners of the 2019 Pride Photo Award will be announced in September.

Akın Çeliktaş

Banned Pride March in Istanbul

Taken during the 2016 Istanbul Gay Pride march, this photo speaks of the right to individual freedom as well as freedom of the press. The photographer captures a young woman who has chosen defiance against an increasingly conservative culture.

We see her standing in the street while the riot police march past. The Pride march, which had been planned for Sunday June 26, 2016, was banned because of 'security concerns'. Protesters turned up despite the ban and spread out in small groups, being visible in this way rather than in a march. Police dispersed protesters using tear gas and rubber bullets.

2016 © Akın Çeliktaş

Photojournalist based in Istanbul/Turkey

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About the artwork

Jean-Jérôme Destouches

While he was studying theology, Roberto González was told by his principal: "I've heard that you are gay! Sorry but you will never become a pastor!" But Roberto didn't lose his faith in God and, in 1998, he created a church for LGBT community in the heart of Buenos Aires. Each Sunday, with Norberto, the man of his life, he gives mass for those who are not allowed to get to traditional church, and he never forgets to start it with his favorite saying, "God gives you wings and religion locks you in cages".


2014 © Jean-Jérôme Destouches

A freelance photographer and journalist specialising in women's rights.

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June 19 2019

Clifford Chance
Droogbak 1a
PO Box 251
1000 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The exhibition is open by appointment, contact Fraser Morel