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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Expertise & Experience

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Our global network, and our range of expertise, provides an exceptional foundation for assisting organisations in dealing with crisis situations.

We offer deep experience and a strategic and co-ordinated approach to reading, managing and remedying the complex and far reaching issues that arise when a crisis occurs.

An organisation that becomes subject to a crisis will need to deal with multiple issues facing the business in real-time and put itself in the best position to manage and resolve the consequences.

Our cross-border capabilities cover the key areas of potential concern for businesses facing a crisis. We regularly assist the world's leading businesses by helping them to:

  • Assess and respond to potential crisis situations
  • Manage and remedy crises when they occur, which includes:
    • Handling internal investigations
    • Responding to political and/or media issues
    • Responding to regulatory and criminal investigations, civil actions and criminal prosecutions
    • Advising on customer, investor and supplier relations
  • Develop and implement crisis response plans and prevention measures

We provide an integrated and consistent service across our network of offices, and our lawyers work as one team regardless of their location. Our unique internal forensic accounting team works closely with our lawyers to further enhance our effectiveness when analysing financially complex matters.