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ESG: Towards Sustainable Corporate Governance and New Due Diligence Duties in Europe

The fast-growing European ESG landscape is significantly impacting the shaping of business strategy across many industries. The European Union has expressed a clear ambition to ensure that ESG factors play a pivotal role in the European market and beyond, to promote sustainable long term business models and behaviours.

It is important that new laws should provide the clarity that decision-makers need to plan for and implement measures within their organisations and across commercial relationships. Businesses will want to be satisfied that reforms take account of pragmatic concerns and competitive challenges.In this fast-moving area, it is challenging to keep pace with the many moving parts in the regulatory landscape and their implications.

Session 4 in our ESG Series will focus on the European Union's current consultations on sustainable corporate governance in the context of the European Green Deal. We will explore the scope of the proposed legislation including the mandatory Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence aspects and its impact on directors and their duty of care. We will also discuss how to influence the consultation process and how best to prepare for the next stage.

Our panel of speakers will share their latest insights from across Europe to help you and your business navigate the road ahead. 

Key topics:

  • The EU's consultative process: current state of affairs, scope, influencing the consultations, preparing for the next phase.
  • Duty of care considerations for the Board: consolidation of standards in Europe, enshrining stakeholder capitalism, enforcement by stakeholders, directors' remuneration.
  • Mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence: definition, scope, application to supply chains, options as regards enforcement.

Register your interest for the Clifford Chance 'European Perspectives | ESG Series: Towards Sustainable Corporate Governance and New Due Diligence Duties in Europe' webinar at 4pm CET on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 here.