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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

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Key theme for businesses worldwide

ESG: Legal Risk or Business Opportunity

We were delighted to be joined by more than 400 attendees from over 250 industry leading organisations for this webinar. We hope you found the conversation as informative and thought-provoking as we did.

After reviewing the political landscape across the EU in terms of ESG, the conversation touched upon various industry specific ESG developments.

These included the impact of the disclosure regulation on the financial industry and the implications of environmental regulation for the energy sector. ESG was widely considered to be a boardroom topic with a clear need for it to be embraced organisation-wide. Exciting opportunities could be seen in the infrastructure investment package (Germany) and the European Commission's recently launched hydrogen roadmap. Please do let us know should you have any questions, or should you wish to speak to one of our leading ESG experts.

During the webinar, participants were asked a series of polling questions.

  • What is highest on the agenda of your Board?
  • For the next two years, where do you see most opportunities for your company?
  • To what extent do you feel your company has embraced ESG? (5 high / 1 low)

Read more in our briefing.