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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Global Financial Markets Perspectives Series

Spring 2023 Events Programme

Clifford Chance are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of legal and market trends, and hold regular seminars, training and events.


Explore the sessions in the Spring 2023 Global Financial Markets Perspectives Series:

Fintech and competition law – the next frontier – March 2023

Dr Liza Lovdahl Gormsen (FCA), Tim Cornell, Michael Dietrich, Marian Scheele, Daniel Schwarz

Competition authorities around the world have increased their focus on fintech as part of a broader increase in intervention in financial services and tech markets. Deals have been blocked, fines have been imposed and fintech firms taken to court. Our international panel discussed the risks and opportunities that come from new developments and legislative reforms.

View the recording 'Fintech and competition law – the next frontier'

Recent cases in the English courts affecting financial institutions – March 2023

Claire Freeman, Christopher Ingham, Paget Dare Bryan, Giles Allison, Guy Burkitt 

This in-person session offered an interactive analysis of recent English case law of significance for the financial markets. This included the circumstances when banks must disregard their customers and when directors must disregard their shareholders. We also covered when anti-assignment clauses allow defendants to disregard subrogated insurers and when ISDA events of default may never be disregarded.

View a recording of the session 'Recent cases in the English courts affecting financial institutions'

Betting on Batteries – March 2023

Michelle Williams, Thomas Voland, Rae Lindsay, James Pay, Vicky Ma, Peter Hughes

With increasing global demand for batteries to power the clean energy transition (including in automobiles), the opportunities and risks are multiplying. Our international team will survey the issues arising from new technology, new markets, and new deals, including those associated with mineral extraction (human rights and supply chain), regulatory changes and the race to find funding.

View a recording of the the webinar 'Betting on Batteries'

Restructuring and insolvency – maximising value in distressed cross-border real estate – March 2023

Delphine Caramalli, Andrew Carnegie, Stefanie Ferring, Tim Lees, Diana Schoch

We are continuing to see stress in the real estate sector, with rising refinancing costs and asset values below their peaks. Our multi-jurisdictional speaker panel identified the important legal and commercial considerations for stakeholders to take into account to ensure that they maximise their returns. We also considered the range of contractual and non-contractual options being used to rebalance capital structures.

View a recording of the session 'Restructuring and insolvency – maximising value in distressed cross-border real estate'

Distributed Ledger Technology and European financial services – the impact of the new EU Pilot Regime – March 2023

Elise Soucie (AFME), Diego Ballon Ossio, Christian Hissnauer, Laura Scaglioni, Alexander Tollast

Our panellists discussed the new EU Pilot Regime (which took effect on 23 March 2023) for distributed ledger technology (DLT), and the extent to which its success or failure will impact the adoption of DLT in financial services in Europe.

Our panel also compared the new regime with the UK’s financial market infrastructure sandbox proposal, as well as considered digital bond issuances and the link between the development of DLT market infrastructures and the tokenisation of financial products both in the EU and UK.

View a recording of the webinar 'Distributed Ledger Technology and European financial services – the impact of the new EU Pilot Regime'

How to navigate crypto distress – April 2023

Riccardo Coassin, Laura Douglas, Robert Johnson, Tim Lees, Donna Wacker

The cryptoasset markets are facing an extended period of volatility and uncertainty following the bankruptcy filings of significant market participants. Our international panel discussed the key issues for crypto market participants right now, including the lessons learned from the recent market challenges and what steps businesses, regulators and other market participants should be taking to protect themselves against future liquidity and solvency concerns.

View a recording of the webinar 'How to navigate crypto distress'

Securitisation regulation – a fork in the road – April 2023

Andrew Bryan, Eduardo García, Kevin Ingram, Marijke van der Weide

The EU and UK have both undertaken reviews of their respective securitisation regulatory schemes in the last 18 months and we are at a point where it looks likely that the two jurisdictions will start to diverge. Our panellists discussed the progress so far on either side of the channel and how the European securitisation markets might cope with the increasing divergence.

View a recording of the webinar 'Securitisation regulation – a fork in the road'

Bringing “back leverage” to the fore – May 2023

Lee Askenazi, Fadzai Mandaza, Will Sutton, Will Winterton 

Private debt funds are increasingly making use of “back leverage” to enhance internal rates of return on their lending positions and to enable them to write the sizeable loans that traditionally were the preserve of investment banks, reflecting developments in the commercial real estate market and elsewhere, including risk retention financing. We have advised on a wide variety of back leverage structures in Europe and the US whether in the form of loan on loan, repo (both US and European), structured repos, total return swaps (TRS) and CRE collateralised loan obligations (CRE CLOs). We discussed their principal features and some of the key market issues and trends.

View a recording of the webinar 'Bringing “back leverage” to the fore'

What you need to know about the industrial policy revolution – May 2023

David Evans, Epistimi Oikonomopoulou, James Pay, Janet Whittaker, Michelle Williams

Driven by the green transition, national security concerns, and commitments to support domestic production, countries are increasingly taking measures to develop green economies and energy systems, and to stimulate the production of green technologies at home. New legislation in the US, especially the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, and EU responses (including the proposed Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age) are creating new challenges and opportunities for clients. Our global team examined these latest developments and likely future trends, and what all of this means for business.

View a recording of the webinar 'What you need to know about the industrial policy revolution'

Digital assets and private law – May 2023

Professor Louise Gullifer spoke to us in her capacity as a member of the UNIDROIT working group on Principles on digital assets and private law, and the implications for common law jurisdictions. Louise is the first woman to be appointed to the prestigious role of Rouse Ball Professor of English law at Cambridge University.

View a recording of the event 'Digital assets and private law'

EU and UK debt prospectuses – the diverging outlook for listing, disclosure and offers – June 2023

Auriane Bijon, Cédric Burford, Paul Deakins, Julia Machin, Sebastian Maerker, Jessica Walker

The EU and the UK are currently revising their respective prospectus regimes. We considered the context for the EU Listing Act proposals and draft illustrative UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Public Offers and Admissions to Trading) Regulations 2023 and associated changes, and discussed the impact of diverging approaches.

View a recording of the webinar 'EU and UK debt prospectuses – the diverging outlook for listing, disclosure and offers'

Energy in transition – the role of decommissioning – June 2023

David Evans, Spencer Flay, Leonhard Rudolph, Pat Saraceni, Kirsty Souter

Decommissioning is an integral part of the energy transition journey. The move by oil and gas majors to decarbonise their operations often leads to a transfer of the ageing assets to new, and often under-resourced, players. This can create opportunities but is also fraught with complexities and challenges for both outgoing and incoming operators. We discussed the key risks arising in decommissioning operations, offered suggestions on how to mitigate and manage those risks and key factors for any robust decommissioning strategy.

View a recording of the webinar 'Energy in transition – the role of decommissioning'

International data flows – navigating the global legal landscape – June 2023

Megan Gordon, Dessislava Savova, Herbert Swaniker, Arun Visweswaran, Kimi Liu (Shanghai He Ping Law Firm) 

The legal landscape for cross-border data sharing is complex and evolving. Privacy laws and data localisation requirements are developing globally, and data transfer is in the regulatory spotlight. Joining this legal landscape are legislative proposals requiring the sharing of certain data, which may include personal data. We examined recent legal developments impacting data flows, related international cooperation efforts and how organisations can navigate the challenges of international data transfer.

View a recording of the webinar 'International data flows – navigating the global legal landscape'

EU and UK resolution frameworks for insurers – a new horizon – June 2023

Lucio Bonavitacola, Caroline Dawson, Udo Prinz, Cheng Li Yow

2023 marks a turning point when it comes to insurance recovery and resolution, following the publication of the EU Commission’s legislative proposal for an Insurance Recovery and Resolution Directive (IRRD) and HM Treasury’s consultation for an Insurance Resolution Regime (IRR). Both proposals appear to be moving in a similar direction, namely, establishing insurance recovery and resolution frameworks similar to those we have seen on the banking side, and aligning the EU and the UK with international standards set by the Financial Stability Board. We discussed how the proposed regimes will work, their differences and the implications for the EU and UK insurance sectors and groups.

View a recording of the webinar 'EU and UK resolution frameworks for insurers – a new horizon'

Class actions – global trends – June 2023

John Friel, Naomi Griffin, Daan Lunsingh Scheurleer, Maxine Mossman, Jason Epstein

The industries, products and focus of class actions is expanding and changing with the rise of ESG and a rapidly evolving regulatory and legal framework. Corporate accountability is increasingly demanded by society and Courts are responding to new and novel claims. The risk of class action claims, therefore, is only going to increase and businesses must be alive to the changing international landscape. We discussed these global trends and the implications for businesses across all sectors.

View a recording of the webinar 'Class actions – global trends'

Antitrust challenges for industry climate alliances and co-operation on environmental sustainability – June 2023

Katharine Missenden, Peter Mucchetti, Steve Nickelsburg, Elizabeth Richmond, Daniel Schwarz

Firms are increasingly looking for ways to work together to promote environmental sustainability. While competition authorities in the UK, EU and Australia have supported co-ordination, some authorities in the US have taken a more critical approach. In this webinar, our panel will discuss what this scrutiny means for private sector co-ordination on  environmental sustainability and participation in industry climate alliances such as the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.

View a recording of the webinar 'Antitrust challenges for industry climate alliances and co-operation on environmental sustainability'