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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Perspectives – Legal Developments Series

Spring 2022 Events Programme

Clifford Chance are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of legal and market trends, and hold regular seminars, training and events.


Explore the webinars in the Spring 2022 Perspectives Series:

LIBOR transition – the road ahead – March 2022

Charles Cochrane, Caroline Dawson, Dauwood Malik, Kate Scott, Andrew Young

In this session we considered the challenges and market developments relating to LIBOR transition, how the experience of sterling LIBOR transition may inform USD LIBOR transition, and assessed the state of play in Asia and the EU.

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Group litigation and class actions – key risks for 2022 – March 2022

Ian Moulding, Kate Scott, Daan Lunsingh Scheurleer, Kelwin Nicholls

While class actions have long been a feature of the legal landscape, there are clear indications that their reach is expanding. In this session, we drew on our experience to provide a snapshot of the key risks in relation to securities and shareholder litigation, claims arising from data breaches and data misuse, and climate change litigation.

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Putting digital ethics back on the agenda – March 2022

Professor Victoria Nash (University of Oxford), Aida Rodríguez Moral (Accenture Iberia), Jamal El-Hindi, Arnav Joshi

In Tech there is a growing spotlight on ethical principles such as fairness, transparency, accountability and access. As the framework around digital ethics continues to evolve, we discussed the hot topics for regulators, where the grey areas exist and how to deal with ethical considerations..

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What is the Metaverse? Will it change the world, and why should I care? – 26 April 2022

Megan Gordon, Brian Harley, Angelina Gomez

As investment floods into the Metaverse – a collection of immersive, integrated, virtual worlds where users can live, work and play – our panel of experts explored the practical applications of the Metaverse and the legal issues that will arise as it grows.

With questions of data security, privacy, IP, antitrust, diversity and ethics already emerging as key issues for the future of the Metaverse, we analysed whether real-world problems will take on new dimensions in the virtual realm. As a growing number of established companies and institutions set up shop in the Metaverse, we considered the implications of the new economic models emerging there, where wealth can be created, traded and enhanced using technologies adapted to its virtual environment, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs.

View the webinar 'What is the Metaverse? Will it change the world, and why should I care?'

Key regulatory issues in the UK insurance sector in 2022 – 10 May 2022

Caroline Wagstaff (London Market Group), Adrian Yeo (HM Treasury), Amera Dooley, Ashley Prebble, Cheng Li Yow

Post-Brexit, the UK Government plans to build a strong partnership with the insurance sector, strengthen its contribution to economic growth and work together to enhance the UK’s competitiveness as a financial centre in a truly global industry. We discussed the UK regulators’ priorities, examined the UK’s plans for regulatory reform and considered the key regulatory issues impacting consumers, regulated firms and new entrants in the UK insurance sector.

View the webinar 'Key regulatory issues in the UK insurance sector in 2022'

EU-UK relations – what next? – 17 May 2022

We were delighted to welcome Anand Menon, political commentator, broadcaster, Director of the UK in a Changing Europe and Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King's College London.

Anand was in conversation with Dan Neidle, Special Counsel at Clifford Chance, to share his views on the state of EU-UK relations, drawing on recent events and ongoing discussions about the Northern Ireland Protocol. They also considered the future direction of the relationship.

More about the webinar 'EU-UK relations – what next?'

Greenwashing – a story for our times – 18 May 2022

Caroline Dawson, David Adams, Paul Ellison, Kate Norgett, Luke Tolaini, Christian Vogel,Thomas Voland

We considered the burgeoning temptations for businesses to highlight their green credentials including the increasing regulatory imperatives in the US and Europe, how to be vigilant in avoiding the bear traps and some cautionary tales of those found guilty of greenwashing.

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What’s next for the securitisation markets in EMEA? – 24 May 2022

Kevin Ingram, Ouns Lemseffer, Andrew Bryan, Sophie Guilhem Ducléon

The landscape of the securitisation markets in the EMEA region has been changing rapidly over the last couple of years. Brexit has created a new legal jurisdiction within Europe, the UK and the EU are both reviewing their securitisation regulatory frameworks, ESG concerns are becoming an increasingly important consideration, and new markets are opening up, including in Africa. In this session, our panellists considered the regulatory horizon and the emerging market trends for securitisation in the EMEA region.

View the webinar 'What’s next for the securitisation markets in EMEA?'

The EU Taxonomy Regulation – is it sustainable? – 7 June 2022

David Adams, Caroline Dawson, Paul Ellison, Keith Hauck, Kirsty Souter, Thomas Voland

As the EU sustainable finance taxonomy develops, we looked at what’s sustainable and what’s not, what new obligations the Taxonomy Regulation introduces and whether we might see other jurisdictions developing their own taxonomies.

View the webinar 'The EU Taxonomy Regulation – is it sustainable?'

China's sustainable finance outlook – 2022 and beyond – 14 June 2022

Maggie Zhao, Paget Dare Bryan, Terry Yang, Vicky Ma, David Tsai, Kimi Liu

As sustainable finance, carbon trading and other areas of green financing continue to evolve and expand in China, our panel discussed the themes and issues for the China market and where it is heading.

View the webinar 'China's sustainable finance outlook – 2022 and beyond'

Energy transition – what is the impact of rising energy prices? – 21 June 2022

Russell Wells, Anna Thwaites, David Evans, Philip Sealey, Felicity Ward

As rising energy prices and the shifting political landscape bring greater uncertainty, our panel discussed how this will impact the speed of the wider energy transition. Our experts also looked at some of the innovations and developments that we are seeing as corporates and governments take on the challenge of reaching net zero.

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