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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Perspectives – Legal Developments Series

Spring 2022 US program

In August 2021, the SEC filed a first of its kind insider trading complaint in California federal court, alleging a former pharmaceutical company executive violated federal securities laws by using inside knowledge that his own company was being acquired, to trade profitably in the securities of a competing company. The complaint suggested that the SEC will attempt to expand the scope of insider trading liability to include a theory a recent academic paper dubbed “shadow trading”: where corporate insiders exploit material nonpublic information about their firm, to trade in the securities of an “economically-linked” firm, such as a similarly situated competitor.

This panel will discuss the new shadow trading theory and examine what steps a potential “shadow trader” might take to address related risk. Expect to uncover how UK and EU lawyers might view “shadow trading” risks and related concepts.

Perspectives – Legal Developments Series – Spring 2022 US program

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