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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Perspectives – Legal Developments Series

Spring 2022 US program

Clifford Chance are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of legal and market trends, and hold regular seminars, training and events.


Explore the webinars in the Spring 2022 US program Perspectives Series:

Diversity and Inclusion – Why now, and How? – 16 March 2022

Getting inclusion and diversity right for your business is an economic and cultural imperative. Now a fast-growing area of focus for businesses globally, actions and results on inclusion are now expected from employees, clients and wider society. This mirrors growing regulatory and legal requirements..

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360 View: Private funds secondaries market trends – 13 April 2022

As capital allocations to the secondaries market increase and GPs and LPs seek more creative ways to achieve liquidity and optionality, secondaries trading has shifted from LP led sales to coordinated GP led processes. This panel connects our partners with industry practitioners to discuss current and future trends in the secondaries market, the increasingly active GP-led market, and innovations in price discovery.

More about the webinar '360 View: Private funds secondaries market trends'

Explore the effects of legal & regulatory developments in US structured transactions – 27 April 2022

Recent proposed changes to US fund regulation, regulatory activity regarding consumer credit, and the ability to use Cayman Islands SPEs for US sponsored transactions (stemming from EU law) are among the legal and regulatory changes impacting new structured finance transactions. Changes to structured transactions are also being made to accommodate an increased level of investment by regulated insurance companies.

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ESG regulation around the planet – 04 May 2022

ESG now sits firmly on the Boardroom table across the globe with awareness maturity in different markets varying greatly.

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Restructuring Review: Trends & Insights – 11 May 2022

Despite a decline in the number of corporate bankruptcies, bankruptcy law has continued to evolve over the past year. We’ve assembled a transatlantic panel to analyze major bankruptcy decisions and trends in the industry, including why the Purdue Pharma decision on third party releases is so important, whether Hertz-like equity bidding wars will continue, if recent changes

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A spotlight on shadow trading – 18 May 2022

In August 2021, the SEC filed a first of its kind insider trading complaint in California federal court, alleging a former pharmaceutical company executive violated federal securities laws by using inside knowledge that his own company was being acquired, to trade profitably in the securities of a competing company. The complaint suggested that the SEC will attempt to expand the scope of insider trading liability to include a theory a recent academic paper dubbed “shadow trading”: where corporate insiders exploit material nonpublic information about their firm, to trade in the securities of an “economically-linked” firm, such as a similarly situated competitor.

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The new global minimum tax and how it will impact M&A – 25 May 2022

Countries around the world may adopt a novel set of tax rules designed to prevent multinational businesses from avoiding tax on their profits. Referred to as the Global Anti-Base Erosion (GloBE) rules, these would subject income earned by companies anywhere in the world to a minimum tax of 15%. And the rules appear to have support in the EU (where they may be adopted in 2022) and the United States.

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