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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Ethics Series / AI Series: Applied ethics and generative AI

Autumn 2023 Global Financial Markets Perspectives Series

Organised in conjunction with the Canary Wharf G30 Conduct and Culture Group and Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy, this session explored the ethical issues for businesses arising from the use of generative AI.

The discussion moderated by Phillip Souta, Global Director of Tech Policy at Clifford Chance, focused on how to get the best out of the new technology given the various ethical challenges it presents around accuracy, consistency, plagiarism, breach of copyright, data privacy and confidentiality, deep fakes, cyber-attacks, hallucinations and inherent bias. The panel also looked to the impact on future generations, and the ethical implications of the changes that AI may bring on society. 

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View a recording of the event 'Applied ethics and generative AI – challenges and prospects for businesses'.

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