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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

European Perspectives

ESG Series

The fast-growing European ESG landscape is significantly impacting the shaping of business strategy across many industries.

European regulators, institutions and governments are playing a key part in building the global ESG investment order. Both financial investors and decision-makers in non-financial industries  are facing increased regulatory and stakeholder pressure, requiring a deeper understanding of ESG developments in order to seize opportunities whilst mitigating complex potential legal and commercial risks.

ESG Webinar series

In our European Perspectives webinar series on ESG our pan European experts bring you the latest insights from across our region to help you and your business navigate challenges and seize on opportunities. The Series cover relevant issues and developments in the space of ESG for businesses active in Europe. The topics explored in our European Perspectives webinar Series on ESG are a direct result from the ongoing dialogue with and feedback received from our clients.

Session 8 – Gender Balance on Corporate Boards: Targets for Equal Representation across Europe

Session 8 in our ESG Series focused on gender equity being especially pertinent in the context of this major piece of EU-wide legislation.

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Session 7 – The EU Corporate Sustainable Due Diligence Proposal: Managing Adverse Environmental Impacts

Session 7 in our ESG Series focused on the Corporate Sustainable Due Diligence directive.

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Session 6 – The EU Sustainable Corporate Due Diligence Proposal: What It Means for Business

Session 6 in our ESG Series focused on the human rights elements of the new EU corporate sustainability due diligence proposal which were published on 23 February.

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Session 5 – The Rise of ESG Litigation: Understanding the Risks

Session 5 in our ESG Series focused on the increase of litigation claims against companies in relation to ESG issues

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Session 4 – Towards sustainable corporate governance and new due diligence duties in Europe

Session 4 in our ESG Series focused on the European Union's current consultations on sustainable corporate governance in the context of the European Green Deal.

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Session 3 – Staying ahead of the regulatory curve in Europe

Session 3 in our ESG Series focused on national and transnational regulatory developments in Europe impacting regulated entities such as Asset Managers, Banks, Financial Investors and Insurance companies. 

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Session 2 – Boardroom risks and challenges in managing sustainable growth

Session 2 in our ESG Series focused on the need for companies to manage and grow their business in a highly uncertain business climate whilst mitigating new and rapidly evolving ESG risks. 

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Session 1 – Legal risk or business opportunity?

Session 1 in our ESG Series focused on what ESG means for European businesses in terms of legal risks and opportunities, sharing our industry expertise and unique EU public policy insights. 

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