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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Future Minds Academy

Future Minds Academy is a unique peer-to-peer training program created by and for the next generation of talented professionals in Luxembourg. This is the perfect opportunity for young professionals to meet in an informal setting, participate in collaborative learning sessions on a wide range of legal, regulatory and tax topics, discuss market trends and expand their professional network.

In the upcoming sessions of our Clifford Chance Future Minds Academy, we will progress from discussing the structuring of Luxembourg funds to exploring the underlying fund documentation and ultimately, the fund financing options in more detail. Our focus will primarily be to identify and examine the key provisions in the fund documentation and the potential considerations associated with two of the main fund financing methods available to funds: subscription call facilities and NAV /asset-backed facilities. The training program will equip our participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Luxembourg fund structuring and financing landscape!


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