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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Connectivity – Underpinning our tech and sustainability enabled world

With unprecedented levels of content consumption and 'connected things' across increasingly diverse locations, the demand for better, more resilient, and ubiquitous connectivity has never been more important.

In this forum we explore the various elements enabling connectivity through modern communications networks, along with their various drivers, characteristics and complementary nature. We also debate the increasing role tech advances – including quantum communications – are having, the anticipated entry of new players into the sector, and the potential for 'Connectivity-as-a-Service'.

In this webinar, Clifford Chance lawyers Mark Fisher, Julia Dreosti and Chris Grey, along with guest speaker Ivan Zaitsev (Director, Market Access at OneWeb) will discuss the following topics:

  1. What are the different elements enabling connectivity though modern communications networks, including private networks?
  2. What role does connectivity play in wider sustainability and Tech (e.g. PropTech, InfraTech…) initiatives?
  3. What are the legal and regulatory challenges for sustaining connectivity in the future given advances in technologies, the advent of quantum communications, and the introduction of new industry players?

    Time: 9am GMT/ 5pm HK or 3pm GMT/11am EDT

Watch the webinar

The webinar is available to watch on-demand