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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Dismantling the stigma of disability

Delivering equal career opportunities for all

On Tuesday 29 March 2022 a pan-European panel consisting of Tiernan Brady (Global Director of Inclusion), Martin Clemm (General Counsel, Software AG), Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter (Professor of Sustainable Management) and Sara Schermerhorn (Senior Advisor, Employment) considered how to tackle the stigma faced by people with disabilities in society and in the workplace.

In 2022 we have a unique opportunity as people across the globe return to offices after the pandemic to reimagine what equal access looks like for all our people.

The discussion focused on how we can tackle the stigma faced by people with disabilities in society and in workplaces and what firms and business leaders should do as they strive to deliver an equality of opportunity and an equality of experience for all our colleagues. This event considered how we can deliver this with expert voices from lived experience, academic, legal and campaigning perspectives.

No one should ever feel they can't be a full and equal member of the firm or society because of a disability. The breadth of wisdom and perspective that people with different life experiences can bring to firms across the globe only makes us stronger and better at what we do. However, to benefit from the perspectives of our people who have disabilities we have to constantly strive to deliver that equality of opportunity and daily experience for them. 

Watch the webinar

The webinar is available to watch on-demand