Clifford Chance


Structuring and executing modern M&A transactions can be difficult and highly complex – especially in multi-jurisdictional deals or in public company acquisitions

The Cross Border Acquisition Guide is an on-line, dynamic and searchable resource which provides an invaluable overview of the specific issues faced by a participant in the fast paced world of cross-border M&A. It will enable your team to anticipate hurdles and aid your decision making process.

The guide is accessible 24 hours a day and is set out in a clearly structured and readable format which will enable you to find the answer to your query easily. It is updated quarterly by our global M&A team and is supported by our dedicated on-line services team. The guide provides contact details which will direct you to the relevant members of our global M&A team if you are looking for more involved advice.

There are various ways to use the guide, such as:

  • You can quickly produce a tailored report covering the key issues in the public and/or private sphere when planning M&A in your choice of up to 19 key jurisdictions
  • You can effortlessly produce a summary comparative table containing very brief details of the M&A rules in relevant jurisdictions, which are hyperlinked to more detailed information
  • You can instantly create a comprehensive guide to the M&A rules in a particularly country