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Clifford Chance


Municipal waste incineration plants

12 September 2013

Poland produces approx. 12 million tonnes of municipal waste every year.
If the Polish waste management market complied with EU standards, 2.5 million tonnes of that waste would have to be incinerated every year. If Poland were to meet the standards of the German waste management market, as much as 5.2 million tonnes of municipal waste would have to be thermally treated in incineration plants.
Currently, only one municipal waste incineration plant, with a capacity of 65,000 tonnes per annum, operates in Poland. According to voivodeship waste management plans, approx. 35 municipal waste incineration plants should be built during the next few years. Preparations
are currently underway for the construction of 21 of them. They will probably all use moving grate technology.

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Municipal waste incineration plants

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